“I am passionate about our planet, travel and beautiful clothes and

I soon realised that there was a conflict of interest in that triangle”, says

ByAppointment Boutique Founder, Jacqueline Leatt.

Faced with a wardrobe full of holiday purchases, forgotten suitcases of

seasonal clothing and many emotional purchases, Jacqueline enlisted the

services of a professional consultant to help detox her wardrobe and

better understand her purchasing habits. The result was bags of

clothing, shoes and fashion accessories that could be donated or sold

 and a desire to become a conscious consumer who

practised mindful shopping.


It was during this journey that Jacqueline decided she wanted to 

create a beautiful space where women and men could purchase, donate and consign their unwanted fashion items. 

Jacqueline Leatt invites you to visit her boutique in Jamestown, Stellenbosch to

browse through her ever growing range of affordable local and international brands

of second-hand clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories.



Cell: +27 (82) 807 7562 


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