ByAppointment Boutique is based in the trendy new development, De Werkwinkel, 65 Webersvallei Road, Jamestown.


The Consignor agrees to Consign their Property with ByAppointment Boutique on the following grounds;


The Consignment Period for Property will begin the date the Inventory is approved by the Consignor. The period of consignment will be six months unless otherwise agreed. The Consignment Period may be extended upon mutual agreement between both parties. After the Consignment Period the Consignor may elect to donate or collect the Property. ByAppointment Boutique shall have no obligation to return the property unless and until the Consignor has provided for shipping at its sole expense. 

We support the following organisations:

  • Stellenbosch Night Shelter 

  • Saartjie Baartman Centre for Woman and Children

  • Stellenbosch Animal Welfare


ByAppointment Boutique accepts the Property from the Consignor on a Consignment basis only. ByAppointment Boutique will only accept clean items that are in very good to excellent condition. Any items not accepted by ByAppointment Boutique will be returned to the Consignor at the Consignor's expense. 

ByAppointment Boutique accepts items that meet the following criteria:

  • No alterations, tears or holes

  • No stains or marks 

  • All clothing labels still attached

  • We do not accept clothing that has any odors from storage or other

  • All hardware* still intact 


*zips, buttons, straps, handles, detail


ByAppointment Boutique will determine the selling price based on the brand and condition of the Property. ByAppointment Boutique may change the price at its sole discretion from time to time, without notice to and, consent from the Consignor. The Consignor will receive an inventory and a unique consignor code.  ByAppointment Boutique will display and take reasonable steps  to sell the Property. ByAppointment reserves the right to run promotions on its website and by other means as well as to offer discounts to its customers at its sole discretion. 


Ownership and Title to the Property remains with the Consignor until a Property Sale. A Property Sale shall be deemed to have occurred if an item of Property is :

  • sold and not returned within the period specified in ByAppointment's then-current Return Policy;

  • destroyed or damaged whilst in the possession of ByAppointment Boutique;

  • otherwise not physically present in ByAppointment's stock on hand; 

  • lost or stolen from ByAppointment's stock on hand.

If the Property is lost or damaged whilst in ByAppointment's physical possession, a Property Sale shall be deemed to have occurred and ByAppointment Boutique will reimburse the Consignor the amount reflected in the Inventory received by the Consignor at the time of Consignment. This remedy shall constitute the sole remedy and entire recourse of the Consignor against ByAppointment Boutique and is in lieu of any other remedy available as a matter of equity or law. 


Following the sale of any item of Property, the Consignor shall receive payment as stipulated and agreed upon in the signed Consignment Agreement. This amount will be the Consignor's sole compensation under this agreement. ByAppointment Boutique will give the Consignor a summary of sales in the month in which one or any of their item/s has sold and shall remit via EFT to the Consignor, their commissions for such sales in accordance with the Consignment Agreement. 

In the event of any dispute between the Parties, ByAppointment Boutique shall have no obligation to pay any Commission or other amount otherwise due to the Consignor, including without limitation amounts related to the dispute, unless and until such dispute is resolved. 


If at any time during the Consignment Period, the Consignor wishes to terminate the Consignment Agreement, they may do so with reasonable written notice to ByAppointment Boutique. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason. All costs of removing and returning the Property will be borne by the Consignor.


Neither Party may assign this Agreement or any interest herein without the other Party's express prior written consent, except that ByAppointment Boutique may assign this Agreement without the Consignor's consent in connection with any corporate transaction such as a merger or acquisition.



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